Loose Lips (11/29) suggested that John Capozzi, a reformist candidate now running for Harold Brazil’s Ward 6 council seat, sought Mayor Barry’s endorsement. Actually, Capozzi’s record of publicly disagreeing with Mayor Barry belies the claim that Capozzi sought the mayor’s endorsement. Consider these two points:

1.) Capozzi was an early opponent of the Barney Circle Freeway, but the mayor supports building the freeway.

2.) Capozzi publicly stated that he supported Initiative 41, which set limits on campaign contributions in D.C. elections. Mayor Barry opposed it.

Capozzi was one of several candidates who ran for council in November who had the independence to call for major changes in D.C.’s sclerotic political establishment. Among the other independent-minded candidates were: Sam Jordan, Phil Mendelson, and Don Folden.

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