Before you get carried away thinking, “Omigosh! Three new Tesh albums—my budget!” relax. This handsome package adds only one new album to the canon. You probably already have A Romantic Christmas and its follow-up, A Family Christmas, so all you need to complete your Tesh collection is to cough up the dough for the latest, The Choirs of Christmas. The front cover of Romantic finds Teshie lounging comfortably on the couch before a glowing fire with his wife, the actress Connie Sellecca—perhaps the same “Concetta Sellecchia” listed as co-executive producer on Choir? The back cover depicts only some rumpled pillows and smoldering embers. Oh, you kids! Which is exactly what inspired Teshie’s next holiday release, A Family Christmas: the Tesh-begotten Prima. But the cover displays only Teshie and Connie frolicking in a sepia-washed snowscape. But it is children who make a family, isn’t it? One must follow their gaze and turn the case over, where the wraparound photo finally reveals a child. And I don’t think it’s little Prima; this kid looks old enough to be the result of someone’s failed first union. Oh well. Anyway, there are children aplenty on Choirs (though the cover is a line-drawing of angels). Among the singing lads and lassies is the Rock Theatre group, which has appeared with Michael Bolton, Boy George, Neil Diamond, and in the popular motion picture, Sister Act 2. Many photographs of Teshie adorn the booklets.

—Dave Nuttinferchristmas