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After listening to A Celtic Heartbeat Christmas, you’ll have the Orinoco flowin’ though your blood as if Enya were sitting in your lap redirecting the river straight into your aorta. This mystical collection—and I mean that in the most Stonehengian way—features new-age Celtic folkies like Fiona Kennedy, Clannad, and Nightnoise (chilly!) performing really sad songs in a washed-out, Hearts of Space daze. Being the new-ager I am (disregard my claim to being a punk in the last review), I fall for this collection like a comet blazing through the stratosphere, a tree in the forest, and the season that comes after summer. Christmas is a time for reflection and solace as much as it is for revelry, so if you want to shove “White Christmas” down Bing’s pipe, then get down with Ashley MacIsaac’s upbeat fiddling on “The Night Before Christmas (The Devil in the Kitchen)” and Brian Dunning’s Angelo Badalamentilike “No Sandman, No Santa.” —I Saw Mommy Kissing Christopher Porter