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Similar in concept to Blame It on Christmas!, this disc by the unconventional a cappella group is instead filled with original holiday tunes that take a mainly sarcastic approach to the season. Such tunes as “Mambo, Santa, Mambo” and “Christmas in Jail” are amusing enough. “Yuleman vs. the Anti-Claus” bemoans the “armies of the season of swindle,” who “campaign to glorify greed,” in typically overtheatrical Bobs fashion. More successful is the droll “Santa’s Got a Brand New Bag,” which finds the laconic comedian Jonathan Katz (of Comedy Central’s cartoon Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist) sitting in for James Brown. Get down. All the silliness is saved by the final cut, “All I Want for Christmas,” which has nothing to do with teeth. Rather, it is a lovely lament about the impossibility of reconciling misty-eyed memories of the past with present realities. Here the Bobs capture a spirit, both resigned yet not entirely without hope, that is a more common experience this time of year than all that official ho-ho-ho.

—Ave Nuttycombe