To Guy Gwynne (The Mail, 12/13): Do I not qualify to vote because I don’t meet two of your three qualifications for voting? I don’t own a vehicle and I don’t have a license in D.C., but I’ve lived here more than 30 years, and I live in Westy Byrd’s ANC! So I guess I’m more qualified to speak on the subject than you are. And hey, next time we may not have Westy to kick around anymore.

Seems to me that Georgetown students are around longer than a lot of U.S. Congressmen (or women). As far as I (and the U.S. Constitution) go, I reside where I live! GU students probably spend more time in D.C. than most Georgetown residents, and a case could be made for GU students contributing more to the District than residents (read: sales tax!).

Don’t be so harsh on the kids, they’ll be in charge someday. Remember Clinton?


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