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“As our ancestors have done for at least 25,000 years,” the press release announces, “we gather this longest night to rekindle the fires of our heart’s creative dream intention.” Funny, but I think my ancestors usually spent this night getting drunk or worrying about the last-minute crowds at Mazza Gallerie or rekindling the fires of another part of the anatomy. But then again, we didn’t know “Visionary Activist Astrologer Caroline W. Casey,” who gives her “Winter Solstice” lecture tonight. You may remember Casey from Nightline or People (or Washington City Paper, “Five-Star Mystic,” 8/2): She says she’s the skeptic in the visionary-activist-astrologer crowd. Government bureaucrats, Pentagon drones, and otherwise restrained lawyers pay her $200 an hour for advice on spiritual “metaphysics” (read: job counseling with a new-age twist). So the lecture tonight is a bargain—and worth every penny if you walk away able to use phrases like “20th-century Earth experiment” without bursting into guffaws. At 8 p.m. at Washington International School Auditorium, 3100 Macomb St. NW. $15. (301) 320-2233. (John Cloud)