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Does Jay Silberman still live with his mommy (Loose Lips, 12/20)? Even though Jay is a fully grown adult, he acts as if he needs someone there to hold his hand every step of the way.

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So what if Congress’ charter school law didn’t specify that the backgrounds of charter school officials, staff, and trustees should be checked for criminal and financial abnormalities? Did the law specifically say that no checks were allowed? No.

Instead of taking any initiative or responsibility for the well-being of Washington’s children, Silberman shirked off all his duties. When called to task for his dereliction, Silberman offers a huge litany of excuses that would make Hizzoner blush.

If the control board wants to start making cuts that count, the first place they should look is at the salaries of the council and the school board. Huge salaries that have encouraged selfish bloodsuckers like Jay Silberman to bleed this city dry.


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