We in the black community are tired of being painted with a broad brush (“A Member of the WOL Family,” 12/13). WOL is simply a black-owned radio station with mostly black callers.

The station does not speak for, or represent, large numbers of black people. I and a lot of people I talk to would like to disassociate ourselves from such a foolish-talking, race-baiting, hate-mongering radio station.

If there were a study or monitoring of that station, you would find that there are no more than 40 or 50 callers to that station, who call in repeatedly, all day long, every day of the week. Just to name some of the obnoxious nuisance callers, who have no lives and are very lonely, obsessed, mental misfits: They are Walter, Maggie, Lou, Robert, Willie, Jimmie (who speaks terribly and used to call himself “Nightrider”), Larry, Miss Cherry, Ms. Holiday, Malika, and a few others.

There are those of us who are really ashamed to hear black people who are so lacking in intelligence and so very poor in English and communication skills take over the airwaves daily and expose so much dirty laundry to the public, that we used to keep hidden. There was once a time in the black community, if one could not speak articulately and grammatically correct one did not speak publicly at all. WOL has become similar to Jenny Jones’ and Ricky Lake’s television talk shows, where black people who are the center of attention are our least intelligent and least educated and are happy for any attention they can get!

In response to Pamela Margoshes’ article, we are not monolithic in the black community. We are as diverse as any other racial group. It is insulting to me, because I am black, to be considered a member of the WOL family!