I’ve been waiting my whole life for just one…more good Violent Femmes album. It has been nearly 15 years since the Femmes’ debut established Gordon Gano as the poet laureate of pent-up pubescent fantasy. Since then Gano has had to weather a dry spell (barring some twisted Christian country exceptions on ’84s Hallowed Ground) that probably rivals those of the pimply-faced adolescents in the crowd. But regardless of the retarded sexuality (3) and bad poetry (New Times, Why Do Birds Sing?) of their recent efforts, the Femmes have become perhaps the first “classic alternative” band, thanks to the heavy modern-rock airplay of teen anthems “Blister in the Sun,” “Add It Up,” and “Kiss Off.” Somehow it’s not hard to imagine the Femmes on the bill of WHFS’ New Year’s Modern-Rockin’ Eve in 2006. There Gano will be, still strung out, strutting his stuff, and singing for his supper songs about wet dreams. With Outer Body Llama at 7 p.m. at the Capital Ballroom, 1015 Half St. SE. $35. (202) 554-1500. (David Daley)