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I read your recent cover story about the prospects for Washington, D.C., as an urban center (“Don’t Cross That Line,” 12/27/96), and must say that I was greatly impressed by it, or at least by its shamelessly optimistic tone. To a former D.C. resident (who left primarily because of the soullessness of the city) turned urban planner who spouts anti-suburban rhetoric at the drop of a hat, these tales of good D.C./bad suburbs warmed my heart. This story, in fact, inspired a great vision: Thousands of urban pioneers, with Pottery Barn shopping bags in tow, will move to D.C. (from Bethesda!), and stick it out until the tide shifts back to D.C.’s favor. And for about two dreamy seconds I considered what it might be like to move back there. And then I remembered we were talking about Washington, D.C., and I laughed myself silly.

Chicago, Ill.

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