How do I begin to express to you how shocked and horrified I was to read Glenn Dixon’s musings in regard to the Georges de la Tour exhibit (City Lights, 12/27/96). This ignorant, sexist drivel is what your paper will allow from its arts editor? Is this what I, as a reader, can expect from Washington City Paper? Was there no one in the whole laborious process of putting out your paper who was willing or capable of questioning this questionable text?

As appalled as I was upon first reading this text, I was equally appalled not to see one letter of comment, criticism, or concern in the mail. Nor did I see a statement or apology from the editor or arts editor. Outrageous!

May I tell you how I mused and debated with myself as to whether a letter to you would be worth the time. After all, I must assume your approval, overt or tacit. I, personally, am most dismayed by this incident. For me, the integrity of the City Paper is damaged. I made the decision to send this letter more for my own psyche than any belief my feelings and thoughts would be heard or respected. But please let me tell you what else I did. I have sent a letter and a copy of Page 90 to the Department of Exhibition Programs at the National Gallery of Art. I hoped they might like to weigh in on the subject. And since they have, in the past, advertised in your paper, I thought they might like to see what kind of return they are getting for their advertising dollar.

Adams Morgan