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Dangerous though Washington byways may be, local drivers have never had to think twice about tangling with Giant Foods trucks. The Giant fleet is captained by well-trained Teamsters drivers, who know enough to signal and check the side-view mirror before changing lanes. But now Giant wants to subcontract its trucking business to a nonunion firm. That means the Beltway may soon be invaded by a bunch of gaunt hillbillies who are too busy swigging J.D. and sucking the last grains of No-Doz from their skunk-piss-yellow teeth to notice that a line of cars is stopped at the Wilson drawbridge. Lights out. And don’t be surprised to find your Giant produce cradled in an overused diaper: Nonunion truckers are famous for hauling around municipal solid waste and then turning around and loading in fresh produce—without cleaning. Join Teamster Local Union 639 Vice President John Steger and other members of the union at a Militant Labor Forum meeting titled “Solidarity With the Teamsters Strike Against Giant Foods,” at 7:30 p.m. at Pathfinder Bookstore, 1930 18th St. NW. $4. (202) 387-2185. (Erik Wemple)