The youth migration from indie rock to indie film has had some upsides—no Quentin Tarantino funk combo, no Michael Moore folk songs. It also spawned the rocker-auteur hybrid, represented in the “D.C. 6 Screening” by Zachary Barocas of Jawbox and Jason Farrell of Blue Tip. The films being screened are all short narratives, and the three I’ve seen are shaped like music. Farrell’s North Route 1 is the country song: The hero leaves D.C. for the road, where he’s robbed, beaten, and burned. Laid over the pictures is a voice-over of cheery letters about the fun he’s having, a device that gets you to the heart of his hopelessness—and to Laurel—in 25 minutes. The losercore number is Eric Cheevers’ Connie Sellecca’s Recipe, in which a couple is consumed by their habit of breaking into Potomac homes to play dress-up. Let It All Out by Barocas is a fugue of marital dissolution. Mary Billyou, Vanessa Vadim, and Sujewa Ekanayake round out the bill at 7 p.m. at Borders, 18th & L Sts. NW. FREE. (202) 466-4999. (Virginia Vitzthum)