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The Beatles used to get blamed for all manner of post-Sgt. Pepper indulgences that weren’t their fault, from Days of Future Passed to triple-record Yes and ELP extravaganzas. So is it unfair to put the onus on the Beasties and the Dead Milkmen for One Fierce Beer Coaster, a totally, like, lame rap-metal novelty? Yeah, it probably is. Instead, let’s just say the Bloodhound Gang sucks all by itself. WHFS and MTV fans have already gotten the chance to get sick of “Fire Water Burn,” a clumsy amalgam of deadpan hiphop catchphrases, white-boy jokes (if that’s not redundant), and an extended allusion to the Pixies’ “Monkey Gone to Heaven.” One play is more than enough. But if your 13-year-old cousin or, God forbid, your boyfriend, gets hold of this thing, prepare to flee in the face of racist nose jokes, utterly hilarious retard voices, and witticisms like “I’m not queer, I’m too ugly.” Oh, and “the drummer from Def Leppard’s only got one arm”—timely, these guys. And why they think the world needs a sleepy cover of “It’s Tricky” when Run-D.M.C.’s original remains perfect is a good question, especially when the line about the hassles of being a star goes by. Bloodhound Gang certainly won’t have to worry about those pains for long.—Rickey Wright