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Before immersing myself in Tolkien’s fantasy world, I had as a kid enjoyed Lloyd Alexander’s popularizations of Welsh folktales, such as The Black Cauldron. Lately it seems that the Welsh propensity for mythmaking has re-emerged in its rock exports. Sprouting from the fertile Welsh indie scene along with Gorki’s Zygotic Mynci (irreverent faux-prog rock) and 60 Ft. Dolls (power-pop chameleons with loud amps), SFA are less goofy than the former and less muscular than the latter. Instead, they grab a few Ziggy Stardust riffs and some early Generation X and process it through an impenetrably silly indie-rock-level concept that has something to do with fuzzy logic and the alien abduction of someone named Frank Fontaine. They’re not quite the Spiders From Mars—they’re too bashful to go glam—but their friendly fuzzed-out sound and pleasant accents are a charming combination. There are some excursions of the trippy variety: “Hometown Unicorn” has a Syd Barrett vibe, as does “Gathering Moss.” And “Something 4 the Weekend” is the requisite ditty about taking E and going out, which is apparently the only thing the kids in the U.K. do with their free time these days—at least that they write songs about. Ultra-radio-friendly, Supergrassy, and much easier to digest than a coated caplet of anything, it might get SFA some attention. Then again, maybe it’s just fantasy.

—John Dugan