Traditionally, the

first section of the Washington City Paper that I sink my teeth into is Loose Lips. It has been especially flavorful lately, because of the forthcoming special election for a Ward 6 D.C. councilmember. LL can be a valuable source of information, but it does not come gratis. Menu selections, chez LL, offer generous helpings of the truth, seasoned with a dash of sarcasm and (oftentimes) topped with a pinch of harsh criticism. Most times, this recipe makes for rather tasty tidbits o’ info. But I found “the specials” on 1/31 to be rather unappetizing. The LL chef cooked up a somewhat callous critique of the heroics of John Capozzi, a council candidate, that left a bad taste in my mouth.

Undoubtedly, criminal activity is choking the District of Columbia. And it appears that Capozzi is doing his best to take a bite out of crime—personally. Apparently, LL (and rival candidates) have boiled down Capozzi’s bravery to creative campaigning. Frankly, I don’t know too many civilians that would risk bodily harm attempting to thwart wrongdoings that heat up the streets of D.C. Politicians are infamous for peppering their campaigns with promises that go unkept after being voted into office. It is quite refreshing to see a politico actually walk his own talk. Obviously, Candidate Capozzi’s actions are a reflection of a compassionate nature and his formula for actively improving the District as a city official. These courageous acts serve as an excellent example of what a Councilmember Capozzi could dish out to his constituents.

The entire 6th Ward has a reservation on Tuesday, April 29, to sit down at the table and place an order for some fresh representation. Ward 6 has many fine leaders from which to choose. The candidates, themselves, will offer voters enough food for thought. It is my suggestion that Loose Lips sticks to what it does best—serving up delicious morsels of controversy for public consumption—and not try to digest them for its readers, as well. See you at the polls, Ward 6. Bon appetit!

Lincoln Park