God bless the Mail section. I must read all the articles in the paper, just to study for the letters next week. Where else could you read such emotionally heated writing as Kristin McCarthy (1/31) (Right on, sister!)? You can also read people like Westy Byrd or Harold Brazil basically saying, “How dare you say that about me! I’m coming down there to kick your ass! You sons of bitches!”

Only the best writing could be so emotionally compelling to these people. Keep it up, guys.

You should come and check out Montgomery County sometime. It’s just as fucked up as D.C. (although D.C.’s quite a handful). The follies of County Executive Doug Duncan! The idiocy of the county attorney (why do we have one when we already have a state’s attorney?)! The Montgomery County Gestapo’s well-known harassment and police brutality! I guess I should be thankful that there aren’t as many potholes?

P.S. The Logan Circle community organization is pretty funny, too. What, you close down a few titty bars and get all self-righteous?

Silver Spring, Md.