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Marketingwise, Madeleine Peyroux is a hot commodity. Her handlers feel compelled to class her with Billie Holiday (because she sounds like her), Patsy Cline (because she sounds like her), and Edith Piaf (because, well, you know), but it’s an unfair comparison. Peyroux’s quick ascension, which irks so many critics, is the fault of her catchphrase-crazy bottom-line-watchers, not the early-twentysomething herself. Her debut, Dreamland, covers works owned by Holiday (“Getting Some Fun Out of Life”), Cline (“Walkin’ After Midnight”), and Piaf (“La Vie en Rose”—mais oui, c’est vrai!), in addition to two Bessie Smith tunes, so the girl’s got nerve. But her nerve would be a simpleton’s gumption were it not for the warm production of Yves Beauvais and the arresting arrangements of Greg Cohen. Though Dreamland’s moderate success is as much theirs as Peyroux’s, the singer’s time will come. Give her the 20 years her influences had before they became the saviors of vocal music, and maybe that trio will expand to a quartet. At 9 p.m. at State of the Union, 1357 U St. NW. $10. (202) 588-8810. (CP)