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“Have You Seen This Woman?” (2/7) was really overdone. There are many homeless mentally ill women and men who do not want contact with their loved ones or in-laws and would rather not have the exposure. There is more reason for Elaine to evade detection or deny her identity than face public exposure. The chances of her surfacing with this kind of exposure are indeed slim.

Although I think the reporting was well done and in good taste, I was not approving of the inordinate space allotted to this report when there are more pressing issues of the day that were more deserving of a front-page-headline story.

I am not against the Rosenberg’s search for Elaine, but I am suspect of the editor who makes the political decision to carry this as the major issue of the day. Of the many thousands of homeless mentally ill people, why is Elaine’s situation so unique or deserving of all those pages. It just baffles me.

Fairfax Va.

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