Richard Todaro shouldn’t whine about Eddie Dean (The Mail, 2/7). Dean is occasionally irritating and far too often full of himself, but he is frequently funny and always worth reading. I’ll never forget his encounter with the Angriest Man in Manassas (“Welcome to Manasshole,” 2/18/94), for example. His piece about the pornography collector (“The Library of Sexual Congress,” 1/24) was one of his better stories, an interesting piece about an eccentric worth knowing about.

Dean is smart enough not to ask his subjects the pointless, politically correct, and interview-ending questions Todaro feasts over. How long would Dean’s interview have lasted if he began, “Now tell me, do you collect porno because you hate women, or are you just a wacko?”

And if Todaro wants a publication that sticks to “important political, economic, social, and cultural issues, has he considered the Federal Register?

Silver Spring, Md.