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As much as I enjoy Washington City Paper, I have to express my growing disgust for that awful weekly comic strip “Stinkfish”! I support the First Amendment rights of even obnoxious, racist conservatives, but this comic strip’s tired attempts at converting angry white male ranting into underground comic-style humor makes its creator seem like Timothy McVeigh’s lost brother cutting up old magazines in the basement of his dead (but not yet buried) grandmother’s house.

The comic strip’s increasing preoccupation with any conflict or story involving white female victims of crime is made even more sickening by the fact that the strip runs in D.C. I don’t know what irritates me more, the fact that it’s full of juvenile-level bigotry (Mary Anigbo is “fat and smelly”) or completely lacking in anything genuinely clever. I can tolerate one or the other, but not both! As it is, “Stinkfish” has all the intelligence, wit, and restraint of a fart—

a loud one!

Either P.J. O’Ross (no connection to the asshole O’Rourke?) needs to stop obsessing over Nicole/O.J. or move to L.A. As for his far too lengthy dwelling on the Susan Ferrechio incident, the one thing less credible than Anigbo’s claim that Ferrechio pulled a knife is Ferrechio’s claim that she was kicked (with combat boots), punched, shoved, and smacked by 12-15 black people for 15 minutes.

Either “Stinkfish” and friends need to work a new angle, or its talentless, angry, white freak creator (and his fans) need to get a fucking life.

Congress Heights