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This whole marijuana thing is getting annoying (“Weed Whacked,” 2/21). Since California’s Proposition 215 passed, every drug addict has crawled out from the streets trying to write copycat laws. And now we’ve got ACT UP writing some sort of initiative or something. They’ve been inspired by their misfit friends at NORML, who’ve got nothing better to do than cause trouble and take drugs.

The romance didn’t last. I guess NORML got a little frustrated with ACT UP because it was hard enough to shake the “rich white kid rebelling against mommy and daddy” image. Now they’ve got to shake ACT UP’s wonderful image. The truth is they’re both on the same side fighting against the same things—decency, tradition, and good old-fashioned beliefs.

Anyway, while ACT UP and NORML scrape, us good people are embracing prohibition and fighting the effort to legalize illicit drugs. Unlike ACT UP’s innocuous little initiative, laws for tougher drug sentencing for violent and nonviolent drug offenders will actually pass with hopes of making neighborhoods like Greenleaf Gardens in southwest D.C. safe for our families and children.

Embassy Park

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