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In regards to the article on the violence against the District police around the Ibex Club (“Running for Cover,” 2/14), Stephanie Mencimer displayed a very informative story on the violent actions that led to the closing of the popular nightclub.

Living significantly close to this well-known club, I am familiar with what, unfortunately, occurs too often at the club. Despite the continuous violence, it was a poor decision on the part of individuals such as Ward 4 Councilmember Charlene Drew Jarvis and groups such as the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.

The violence at the Ibex Club is the result of the individuals who choose to act in that violent manner, and these actions are obviously out of the hands of the owners and employees of the club. This problem was therefore in the hands of Mayor Barry, Chief Soulsby, and the District’s police department, who have known about the problem but have chosen to do nothing about it.

The consequences of some violent individuals have resulted in the poor decision to close the club, which has in turn resulted in the loss of jobs and a business. The club is now closed, and the violent people are still around. With the new decision by Mayor Barry to “crack down” on these clubs, one must wonder why this was not done before the club was closed.

Stanton Square