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Tarika Sammy’s Beneath Southern Skies displays the revamped Madagascar combo’s return to the acoustic Afro/Asian folk sound that cousins Sammy and Tiana first put together in the ’80s with now-reinstated vocalists Claudia and Hanitra (they rarely use their lengthy Malagasy last names). While I find the more contemporary, harder-edged world-pop Sammy and Tiana recorded with two other female vocalists in the early ’90s more immediately impressive, the airy, time-honored combination of rural and cafe cadences exhibited here has its own leisurely charm. With its sweet harmonies, lilting valiha harp, soothing, sophisticated kabosy lute picking, and birdcall-like Malagasy flutes, this is pretty yet nonsaccharine music meant to be quietly absorbed. At 8 p.m. at the Barns of Wolf Trap, 1624 Trap Rd., Vienna. $10. (703) 938-2404. (Steve Kiviat)