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While reading “Appalachian Trail of Tears” (2/28), one question entered my mind immediately and never left: What about the Native Americans? The taking over of land from the powerless by the empowered has been going on forever. So, is the shocking thing here that it was done so recently in an era in which we’ve considered ourselves most civilized? Or is it that it was done under our beloved capitalist form of democracy? I think it is because it’s so close to home, because as the privileged minority in the world, every day we are essentially doing the very same thing to any underprivileged people who happen to possess desired natural resources under their feet. We can’t turn back the clock and handle the Shenandoah Park situation in a better manner, but we can try to handle today’s similar problems better. What have we learned? What are we going to do now?

Wheaton, Md.