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I was appalled by “Bottled Fury” by Paul Belden (3/14). I found the article biased and well as irresponsible, as it appeared to me to be a personal attack on Karen Currie and Stewart Harris.

I am a resident of North Lincoln Park and know both Currie and Harris. I am also well aware of the controversy regarding Trants Liquor. Your reporter has taken two hardworking neighborhood activists supported by the North Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association as well as the local church and neighborhood school, and called their hard work into question. In my view, the article was very shoddy journalism.

No fewer than three times Paul Belden quotes so-called neighbors saying that Harris is an “asshole.” Is this worthwhile journalism? Never does your reporter attempt any serious interviews with neighbors who are genuinely concerned with the problems associated with Trants—the drinking in public, public urination, and drug activities around the front and back of the store. This activity takes place only one block from Maury Elementary School. Instead, the reporter choose to interview so called “consumers” of Trants’ liquor.

Where are our priorities, when small school children must walk

past drunks and drug dealers on

their way to and from school? The controversy around Trants is not about neighbors born in North Lincoln Park vs. those who have moved there, as your reporter asserted. It is about a community’s concern for common decency in our neighborhood. It is more than time in Washington for community activists and neighbors to band together to stop the public abuse of liquor and drugs in our neighborhoods.

I request that Washington City Paper do more responsible investigating about the issues associated with Trants and print an article that is more balanced and informative.

Lincoln Park

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