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What is so lowly about being a bike courier (“Jackpot,” 3/21)? For your information, D.C., bike courier/drug dealers are in the minority. A great many bike couriers are not criminals. As in any profession, there are people who get caught doing bad things. Just pick up the Wall Street Journal—plenty of big important people get caught doing all manner of destructive, criminal activities. Pot warps lives to a minor degree, but so does sexual harassment.

Here’s an example of another bike courier you never hear about: 27 years old, fluent in French, self-taught in Chinese, a graduate from college with a double major and a consistent grade point average of 2.75. This same courier was the media liaison for the fourth cycle messenger world championships. This courier has never bought drugs or sold drugs and doesn’t even drink beer. This courier is me, and if you don’t believe me I’ll piss in a cup for you. The thing is, I’m not an oddity among couriers. In fact, even though people tell me that couriers (including myself) are scumbags and criminals, I look up to them.

Bike courier is a profession like any other. How seriously each individual takes this job is up to him/her. So, one courier may concentrate his talents on drug dealing, while another may concentrate on racing or playing music. It’s a job that allows people to be who they are. So Washington, please remember that Featherhead is one guy—a talented pot salesman and writer. But there are a plethora of other interesting characters among the couriers of this city, only the minority of them being criminals.

Takoma Park