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The more I reflect on Paul Belden’s article about Trants Liquors (“Bottled Fury,” 3/14), the angrier I get.

I cannot understand why Belden would choose to commit an all-out assault on my neighbors Karen Currie and Stew Harris. Why would he attack these two good people? They are longtime community activists who have labored without reward, and little thanks, to make the quality of life better for our entire community. They are not public figures and have not invited scrutiny of their private lives, and yet unsubstantiated claims about their character, habits, and relationship are printed for all to see.

I’ve been involved with the Trants issue for the 12 years I’ve lived in this neighborhood. I’ve circulated petitions, written letters, attended endless hearings, pulled bottles out of the gutters, and I thought I couldn’t possibly get more frustrated. And now this. I’ve come to expect shabby treatment from the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board and representatives of the liquor industry, but I would have expected better from the “alternative” press. It’s hard enough already to get folks to volunteer their time without attacking those who do. How can we expect anyone to stand up for the rights of their neighbors to live in decent surroundings when they see that those who do are singled out for public humiliation?

There is enough apathy and hopelessness in this city without your paper encouraging it. You should be ashamed.

Lincoln Park