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Me and my friends spent a good portion of our adolescence getting wasted under a bridge by a drippy little creek a few blocks from my boyhood home in Falls Church. My buddy John spray-painted “Foghat” in red on some cement by our illicit watering hole. We all thought that was cool. Back then, the band sure seemed worthy of our dirtball worship—who hadn’t air-guitared to “Slow Ride”? So, for a while now I’ve been uncomfortable about how the band has become the musical equivalent of Corinthian leather, something whose name instantly conjures all that was goofy about my Me Decade. Well, I was home for Thanksgiving last year, and I went out for a recreational run through the old neighborhood before dinner. As I jogged past our old drinking spot, damned if I didn’t see John’s red “Foghat,” real faded but still sticking around after all that water under the bridge. Now I hear the original Foghat has reassembled and is back on the road! I remember John painting a lot of those dumbass Blue Oyster Cult logos by our creek, too. And on my recent run, I didn’t see that graffiti anywhere. I wonder what that means. Wonder with me, Stiff Richard, and the Catch tonight at 8 p.m. at Jaxx, 6355 Rolling Rd., Springfield. $15. (703) 569-5940. (Dave McKenna)