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Thanks a lot for your critical look at the Washington Blade (Paper Trail, 3/21). Until now, the only print venue for criticism of the Blade has been the Blade itself. It’s been my experience that even when they publish a letter complaining of the absence or lack of accuracy of their coverage, they choose to ignore that criticism. I’ve had a couple of chances recently to take them to task. First was their virtual lack of coverage of gay candidates for D.C.’s advisory neighborhood commissions, and that what coverage there was was inaccurate or insultingly simplistic. The Blade’s response: The races did not involve gay issues per se. Secondly, they have not included the District of Columbia in any of their extensive coverage of the status of same-sex-marriage legislation and related gay rights issues in the states. Their reply: Sorry, D.C. is a city, not a state. With attitude like this they should change their masthead from “The Gay Weekly of the Nation’s Capital” to “The Gay Weekly in the Nation’s Capital.”

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