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I had to write because I am shocked that no one seemed to object to Stew Harris videotaping his neighbors (“Bottled Fury,” 3/14)! I do not believe that objecting to being watched and videotaped on the sly makes you paranoid. I believe it makes you human.

I too live in the North Lincoln Park neighborhood. I believe that the author of the article missed the point, but for a different reason. The issue is not divided along lines of race, but of class.

I for one support Trants. Not because I like drunks hanging out on the street, but because they will still be on the streets, hanging out, getting drunk, being loud, etc., even if Trants is closed. There is no liquor store across from my house. There is a church. Yet almost every night people hang out in front of it. They are loud and very annoying. Closing Trants is not the solution. Punishing a Korean store owner is not the solution. What this city needs to do is enact and enforce strict loitering laws that prohibit people from just hanging on the corner. North Lincoln Park is not the only neighborhood that would benefit from such a law. Crucifying small-businessmen for the woes of our streets is a bury-our-heads-in-the-sand approach. Let’s take care of the real problem, folks. Let’s punish the perpetrators of undesirable activity. Let’s hold individuals accountable for a change.

Not an NLPNA member because they always block my driveway when they have their meetings

Lincoln Park

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