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Most Sundays around 2 a.m., my New York friends twirl over to Arena, Junior Vasquez’s weekly party at the Palladium. For 12 hours, they dance, taking sporadic breaks for water, conversation, and a snort (or three) of K. Under these circumstances, the music might seem irrelevant. But that’s what’s remarkable about Vasquez. His aggressive house mixes enhance and sometimes even overwhelm the sensory experimentation. My friends not only discern the various “songs” amid millions of continuous tribal beats, but they generally remember enough of the lyrics—often just a repeated phrase—to purchase the $10 maxisingle. Now Vasquez has usefully collected some of his favorite hard-to-find remixes on Live, a two-CD compilation. Lydia Rhodes’ pulsating, frightening “Live It Cool (Just Do It)”—widely released here for the first time—is worth the price alone. Unfortunately, Vasquez also includes a few rotten gay-anthem remixes (“Burnin’ Up,” “Mr. Fantasy”), along with “Ab Fab (I Am Thin and Gorgeous),” a silly new effort featuring Edina and Patsy. But most of the 22 tracks shove house from its simple dance-beat moorings into an unexpected maelstrom of noise, often beginning with a basic beat and an ethereal voice overlay and growing to a complex climax that’s part house, part industrial, and part Vasquez’s own indescribable style.—John Cloud