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I want to commend Zenon Zawada for his article “Ebony and Ivory Tower” (4/11). As a student in Northeast’s Catholic University, I can only buttress his claim that racial diversity is extinct on D.C. campuses. I have lived on a primarily white campus, and Zawada’s article and the incidents upon which he reported, although tragic and unnecessary, are a vital breath of fresh air in awakening the eyes and ears of college students in D.C. In a city where 70 percent of the inhabitants are black, the article only demonstrates the need for more diverse campuses. We live in an era where multiculturalism is theoretically allowed to breathe, yet it seems to have been suffocated recently within college atmospheres. I challenge the administrations and students themselves on campuses nationwide to become more aware of the necessity of a diverse and racially harmonious campus, and I cheer Zawada’s acute awareness of how tense collegiate situations in the 1990s can truly be.

Catholic University

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