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I really have to wonder if people like William Mosley and Katie Mann are living in the same city as I am (The Mail, 4/11). I cheered Anonymous for rescuing his precious Subaru from the clammy grasp of D.C.’s Ministry of Public Extortions (“Joyride,” 4/4). But they excoriate him for daring to challenge the majesty of the regime of Marion Barry et al.

Mosley says that Anonymous “cheated the District” of money it could have used to fix the streets or the schools. Excuse me? Use money wisely? The District? You’re not paying attention.

Mosley implies that Anonymous is guilty for trying to park on the street. Mann (who calls herself “Pedestrian Chick”) scorns him as “Guilt Boy” for trying to get out of paying his parking tickets. Yoo-hoo! Mosley! Chick! This is D.C., remember? This is the city that refuses to build public parking spaces because it would rather have the cash from parking tickets. The city that can’t collect the garbage or plow the streets, in which the only government entity that works is the predatory Bureau of Parking Enforcement, whose raison d’être is sucking hard-earned cash from the pockets of its victims.

It’s also the city that doesn’t give a damn about keeping its water supply in working order, that wastes millions on noncompetitive contracts to cronies, that uses the public payroll as a vote-buying machine. The D.C. government is corrupt to the gills, remember? And it views individuals—including you—as mere sources of cash to be squeezed without mercy and treated with utter contempt.

The Bureau of Traffic Adjudication, where my hero went to seek justice, is a kangaroo court set up specifically to deny ticket victims due process and keep the money rolling in. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried to get an illegitimate ticket dismissed there because your car was parked legally. You might as well ask for ice water in hell. And Chick applauds the “judge” for telling Anonymous to be responsible!

Mosley and Mann are sooo superior, you see, because they don’t drive those nasty cars. They ride Metro. And they’re good little citizens, who do what the D.C. government tells them to do. Perhaps Pedestrian Chick could more accurately call herself “Sheep Girl.” Baaaa!

As for me, I smile every time I see another busted parking meter. At least that’s another few bucks the District clown brigade won’t get. Mr. Mosley, this city’ isn’t “sinking” because of people like Anonymous. It’s sinking because of a corrupt and incompetent government, the kleptocracy you defend. If everyone had the courage to behave like free people and fight back as Anonymous did, D.C. might be decent place to live.

Dupont Circle