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C’mon! Parasites?! While the article about WGAY (“Comfortably Numb,” 4/18) was amusing overall, categorizing all bicycle couriers as parasites was not only idiotic but, in the context of his little story (just long enough to be read while on the can), completely pointless. Was Eddie Dean trying to establish that he loathes the entire idea of a group of people earning a living transporting items while pedaling a bike? Does he hate all delivery persons? Describing his annoyance at the prospect of being held up in traffic because a human being had been run over…is that supposed to be funny? Does that help the article about WGAY? Imagine if there were no “parasites” in D.C. No more Washington City Paper. And Dean would be looking for a new job. I wonder how long the next job coming out of the City Paper will take getting to its destination…

Bicycle courier

Takoma Park, Md.

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