Though I agree with some of John Cloud’s analysis of John Capozzi (“Dutiful Loser,” 5/9), I think the conclusion he draws from it is mistaken.

In this past Ward 6 election, Capozzi clearly was not able to find a message that was clear, simple, and resonant. His platforms were too filled with detail, and not enough to the point. He is, fundamentally, a nice guy who has a hard time dividing so that he can conquer. On all this, Cloud hits the mark.

Yet to conclude, as Cloud does (along with Mark Plotkin—who could be a worse bedfellow?), that the solution to this is for Capozzi to sit out an election or two couldn’t be more astray.

In running for the Ward 6 council seat, Capozzi made this field of candidates much better. He had ideas that ranged beyond the single issue (crime), or the old issue (federal payment, D.C. schools), and he clearly is attempting to broaden the discussion beyond the stifling limits that it has already outgrown. He talked about the environment and he talked about the potential for D.C. as a technology hotbed, two themes that are invigorating simply because one never hears them mentioned in the usual trading of accusations back and forth that is the real commerce of politics in this town.

Capozzi does need to find a true, distinctive voice. But that only means that in between elections, he ought to go out and learn about himself and the city he wishes to represent.

Capitol Hill

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