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Remember when the neighbor showed you his cute little pot-bellied pig? And remember how he became so much less enamored when the pig—which was no longer tiny or adorable—made a snack out of his Persian rug? Whatever happened to that pig, anyway? He might have ended up at PIGS, a sanctuary for orphaned Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs in Charles Town, W.Va. This Saturday, the Fr. Flanagans of Pigstown are hosting a “Pigs Open House” that includes an appearance by Grant Aleksander, star of Guiding Light, who is a longtime vegetarian and animal advocate—and an apparent supporter of foster parenting for pigs in need. The soap opera connection seems a bit odd, but if you really think about it, it begins to make sense. Picture a lone Vietnamese pig that finds itself far from its native land and suddenly hated in its adopted home. Our pig searches endlessly until it finds succor and three squares a day in the hills of West Virginia. Roll credits. From noon-6 p.m. at PIGS: A Sanctuary, 10 Sanctuary Lane, Charles Town. FREE. (304) 725-7447. (David Carr)