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I have been a resident of D.C. for three years and have always defended the government to non-D.C. residents, but I must admit I was very disturbed by Janice Rankin’s $40,000 a year rec job (“Sewing Up a Job,” 5/9). It made me realize what non-D.C. residents have been saying about the D.C. government is true. It sounds as if Janice is working part-time but getting paid a full-time salary. This doesn’t look good for a government shutting down schools and laying off teachers. This is an exact example of the cronyism that has brought the District government down. We (blacks) joke that we are always trying to “get a hookup,” and this is definitely a hookup. I am also sick of people acting bitchy every time a reporter comes around. If Rankin didn’t have anything to hide, she would have given a decent interview instead of making the government look worse by acting like a wannabe diva.

Washington, D.C.

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