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Contrary to the misleading and inflammatory headline to Dave McKenna’s piece (“CVS Freezes Out Another Landmark,” 5/16), the text makes perfectly clearly that CVS was not responsible for the demise of the Falls Church Frozen Dairy Bar, any more than it was responsible for the closing of the other “revered establishments” on “hallowed ground,” the demise of which McKenna/Washington City Paper also attributes to “a company seemingly dead set on purging the city of its most lovable landmarks” as part of “its campaign for world domination.” Such purple prose would dazzle a colorblind editor, if City Paper had any editors at all. My advice to you—chill.

Your animus toward CVS is clear; I just don’t understand its basis, nor why you focus on CVS rather than the property owners. Perhaps because they are less visible targets to your readership? From my perspective, the result of such “reporting” is simply to undermine the credibility of the stories in the rest of the paper.

Falls Church, Va.

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