There’s still time to nominate local icons for Best of D.C.

With respect to “Our Friend Ficker” (Cheap Seats, 5/23), I have long been aware of his political and other antics, since I saw his ubiquitous placards up and down Viers Mill Road in the early 1970s. Apparently, he is still a captive of his mania.

I had never seen Ficker before last Sunday, when he passed me his campaign card outside Byrd Stadium at the NCAA lacrosse quarterfinals. I have not often seen such a ludicrous sight, as he stood in the 85-degree heat in a dark suit—the only person in thousands so attired, running for an office that will not be available for another three years! The man needs mental-health counseling. The tragedy is that persons like Ficker often are elected to high office.