I have to agree with F. Lennox Campello (The Mail, 5/16): Glenn Dixon’s Beneath Contempt column was literally beneath contempt (5/9). Resorting to name calling is completely unprofessional and has no place in a publication that presents itself as journalism. Granted, Dixon’s grade-school remarks are consistent with his grade-school knowledge of art, but isn’t it time for Washington City Paper to hire a professional to be its art editor, or at least a college art student who has some actual art knowledge? I wouldn’t be surprised if that letter so conspicuously printed on Page 92 in the 5/2 issue allegedly from Robert Rosselle was not written by Dixon himself in a last ditch effort to legitimatize his obvious lack of expertise. I also wonder if certain local art events that are just as conspicuously missing from City Paper’s announcements (even though they were submitted as per City Paper instructions and with more than enough advance notice) of local art events are not being censored by Mr. Dixon as well.

I have read Campello’s reviews; the City Paper would be doing

itself a favor as well as the community it serves by letting Dixon practice his bully pulpit somewhere else and hire a knowledgeable professional of the same caliber as Campello as art editor. At the very least, Dixon should apologize not only to Campello but to the readers of City Paper for his blatant lack

of professionalism.

Arlington, Va.

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Glenn Dixon Responds: Although we try to be comprehensive in our listings, space is limited, and there are always some events that don’t make the cut. I am not involved in those decisions. Robert Rosselle’s letter—which I did not write, thank you—ran as a paid advertisement.