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As a longtime reader of Washington City Paper, I wanted to say thanks so much for running the crude, offensive article by John Cloud, “The Naked City” (5/9). Never having been a reader of pornography before, I now know where I can turn when I want to read explicit sexual material during my lunch hour. I’m sure this hard-core tale appealed to the majority of your readers, who, like me, are really interested in spending their time reading details of casual, anonymous sex, homosexual or otherwise. I was also interested to see that in last week’s issue some of the same porno copy that appeared in the story was reprinted in the letters to the editor.

The scary thing is that if your goal is to try and dull the minds and mores of society at large—including, I’m sure, many young people who read your paper—you are probably succeeding. The more often we read this sort of crap in a popular paper known largely for its good reporting and well-written articles, the more numb and unresponsive we become to the harsh language and vulgar content.

Let’s hope the one good thing

that came out of Cloud’s nonjournalistic effort was that his little illegal whorehouse was shut down. Keep us tuned. Now, there’d be a story worth reading about.

Upper Northwest