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Back in the late ’50s, my dad caddied at a golf exhibition in Fairfax headlined by legend Sam Snead. The No. 1 caddie got Snead’s bag, and my dad carried the bag of local club pro Clarence Dozier. At the end of the round, Dozier gave my dad $50, an astronomical sum. Meanwhile, Snead, who snagged a few grand just to tee up, reached into his billfold and counted out the going rate, $3.25. These days, pro caddies pull down triple-figure salaries, and most of them earn every penny. Make no mistake: Nicklaus was never the same after he fired Angelo. If they stick together, Tiger and his new bagman Fluff will conquer the world. PGA caddies Mike Carrick, Jim “Slim Jim” McKay, Fannie Sunneson, and Richard “Jelly” Hansberry discuss their work in a “Caddie Forum,” with highlights from the 1996 Kemper Open showing at 6:30 p.m., the panel discussion begins at 8:30 p.m. at Bethesda Theatre Cafe, 7719 Wisconsin Ave., Bethesda. FREE. (301) 656-3337. (Eddie Dean)