JUNE 13-19

The latest annual selection of “pint-sized masterpieces” is heavy on British commercials, which makes sense. In Britain, pitches for beer, credit cards, and chocolate are frequently made to be shown in cinemas, which means production values must be high. There are several U.S. ads as well, but, inexplicably, only one from Japan, which has provided many of the highlights in previous commercial collections. For American viewers, this year’s surprises will be the frank sexuality and language: There’s no question what a young couple are doing in a condom ad, King Kong wins over an abducted woman by showing her a tube of (apparently) very effective lubricant, and a brand of British toilet paper is sold with the slogan, “recommended by assholes.” As might be expected, there are lots of sports, soft-drink pitches, and baby animals. Curiously, there’s also a section of public-service spots, many of them brutally effective and all of them a rebuke to the humorous consumerism of the rest of the compilation. See Showtimes for schedule, at the Key Theater, 1222 Wisconsin Ave. NW. $4-7. (202) 333-5100. (Mark Jenkins)