Dear Christopher Porter—a.k.a. the man whose only taste is in his mouth (Music, 6/6):

First off, Mark Eitzel is one of the most expressive singer-songwriters that we have today. The fact that you say you were a huge AMC fan just proves that there are more narrow-minded people out there that won’t give Mark a chance on his own. They broke up; get over it.

As far as Pete Buck goes, did you stop to think that perhaps he can’t do that kind of music with R.E.M. anymore? That since they are four equal members, this is Pete’s way of doing his own thing—and a damn good

job he did. His collaborations with Kevin Kinney and the amazing Tuatara are prime examples that this man has more to offer than “Shiny Happy People.” He has never claimed to be a great guitar player, yet you slag his playing.

Seattle flunkies? Barrett Martin is the best drummer/percussionist in music today. Period. Are you certain you went to the right show?

It sounds to me, Mr. Porter, that you are pissed off because these bands are getting attention and you think it’s a sellout. It’s about time these types of artists are noticed. But I suppose you get off on the Spice Girls…so you wouldn’t understand.

West Conshohocken, Pa.

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