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I would venture to say that the comments made by former Barry basher Suzi Gookin (The Mail, 6/6) would probably be the sentiments of many Washington City Paper readers if they but took an opportunity to view him for themselves. Unfortunately, most of us choose to rely on the perceptions of others to guide our own, an action (or rather, inaction) that happens so subtly, so pervasively, that we often don’t even notice that our thoughts are not our own. We kind of go along spouting opinions about things that we’ve neither researched nor to which we’ve even given much thought! You know what they say about opinions being like assholes…everybody’s got one! However, what I find to be more true these days is that a lot of folks are sharing a few media-induced ones. If more of us would take the time to look for ourselves with our own clear minds, like Gookin, we might be able to restore some semblance of individuality rather than this media force-fed, jump-on-the-bandwagon, keep-up-with-the-Joneses, cultish, scary as shit, mass mind that we find ourselves (or lose ourselves?) in today. Suzi G., more power to ya! I admire your courage not only to look for your own view, but also to publicly leap into admitting your findings.

Takoma Park

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