Playwrighting is fueled by a need to tell stories out loud and in the flesh. Some people get that in church. Church and theater, call and response—not very separate. You visit either one to talk back at the preacher, but at curtain, you clap, you whistle, you dart out to your car. Well, pause in the aisle tonight, because people who ask your opinion rarely want an honest reaction, but the writers in the Black Women Playwrights’ Group will showcase their stories and ask, “What do you say about that?” “The Spice of Life” is the 21-member group’s eighth annual staged reading, extending over two evenings, with jazz duo Playtime warming up the audience each night, that includes new works by Caleen Sinnette Jennings, Sarah Smith, Lois Wiley, and Karen L.B. Evans. It’s confession time at 7:30 p.m. tonight and Tuesday at Studio Theatre, 1333 P St. NW. $15 (benefits Black Women Playwrights’ Group). (202) 832-7329. (Ginger Eckert)