Who was the intended audience for your 6/20 “Intern Guide”? Certainly not interns, since it contained no useful information and ridiculed every summer lackey within quoting distance. It wasn’t written for internship sponsors, since the only jobs described as worthwhile offer their charges perks like advance movie screenings, free food, and the chance to meet bands. How could the average nonprofit compete? And this guide certainly wasn’t intended for D.C. residents, who were reminded once again that parking is scarce, the Anacostia River is polluted, and the city government is a wreck.

Based on the obvious resentment toward interns having more fun than them, the jaded whining about problems they’re not helping to solve, and the blatantly hypocritical paean to their own internship program, this clichéd, mean-spirited “Intern Guide” was clearly produced just for the Washington City Paper staff.

Cathedral Heights