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As a former intern at the National Organization for Women, I can say that an internship is what one makes of it (“The Seventh Circle of Hell,” 6/20). I made sure that mine was interesting, educational, and fun.

Before my internship started, both myself and my supervisor knew what the other expected from the partnership we had for that semester. I talked to my supervisor and asked her what she wanted from me as her assistant before I was given any responsibility. My supervisor was available for me to use her as a sounding board for my ideas, and she constructively criticized to my benefit and to the benefit of NOW. Each week, we discussed the progress, goals, and deadlines for my projects. I was given the opportunity to learn new computer applications that gave me a competitive edge in the office environment I was headed toward. I was introduced to some of the most interesting and powerful women in the feminist movement and made friends with feminists from all over the globe. There was never a dull moment during my three and a half months at NOW. If your interviewee missed these opportunities, it was her own fault, not NOW’s.

East Dupont Circle