Where else can you converse with a Supreme Court justice, run into one of Elizabeth Taylor’s husbands, and meet the prime minister of Romania in the same afternoon? Ah yes, Washington, D.C. Perhaps these are the rare moments that serve as the select prizes that only an intern can seek to find. In response to a series of articles that seem to regard the position of an intern as one who engages in the lowest segment of work (“Intern Guide,” 6/20), I beg to differ.

The entire concept of experience and the ideals of learning by no means limit themselves to the task one performs. All interns must realize that the progression of knowledge adheres itself to the participation and interaction of universal events, which surface around them. The bottom line: An intern who is bored has not objectively made goals that will both be challenging and educating. It is our responsibility as interns to give motivation to all types of purpose (large or small), for even an intern acts as a spoke on an office’s moving wheel. Respect cannot be given to hopelessness; therefore, the true understanding of determination from all interns must be exercised.

Interning at the Democratic

Senatorial Campaign Committee

Capitol Hill